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CBD oil is anti-inflammatory and has a range of reported benefits. These include improving mental focus, reducing anxiety, pain relief and better sleep. Back to School season might be just the time to try it.

CBD products vary greatly in content and quality and there is a wide range of testing standards. Know what you’re getting!

Endoca CBD Oil is pure hemp oil. There is no carrier oil in the product. Our line is raw which provides both CBD and CBDa benefits. Endoca is from the Netherlands where the EU standards (higher than U.S. standards) apply. Endoca is organic, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free and ISO Certified. Endoca uses cutting- edge testing for over 200 pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins (mold). They have GPM certification and third party lab testing. We are proud to carry Endoca Raw Hemp Oil CBD, tablets, drops, salve, body butter, chewing gum & suppositories. CBD oil can also be used for your beloved dogs and cats.

Jennifer McLeod